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Hello there, i'm Jenna, and i have a thing for fictional stuff.

Currently Reading: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

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my dad basically says your early 20’s are when you’re too young for anyone to take you seriously and you’re too old for anyone to feel sorry for you and he is 100% right

The sophomore year of life


you know i love camp half blood because in the pjo books it’s run by an alcoholic and a horse

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april fools is coming up but who cares cause my life is a joke every day of the year 

I knew someone in primary school who was born on April first. The doctors told her parents she was a boy. then went april fools and brought her out.

tumblr needs a chat window cause this whole ask back and forth conversation aint flyin

" She reads. She reads. She reads words of splendour to comfort her soul. "
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